Wolff Industries, Inc
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Twice as Sharp®
Wolff’s number one selling scissors sharpener.

On The Edge Newsletter
On The Edge is the industries number one sharpening publication!

The closest thing to free-hand sharpening of Japanese style convex edge beauty shears.

Ookami Gold
Wolff’s number one selling upright beauty shears sharpener.

The Edge Pro
The Edge Pro is the largest distributor of clipper parts and accessories in the industry!

Extreme Kut®
The Extreme Kut® Clipper Blade Sharpening System comes in two sizes and can be fitted with an Andis® Factory Sharpening Plate.

Kenchii® is one of the leading shear brands in the beauty industry! Their Charmer® Series is second to none and the Kenchii® brand is recognized for their outstanding quality!

ProLine® is a top-notch low-end line of beauty shears that are designed to spark impulse buys!

Sharp Edges
Larry Brooks is a Wolff approved trainer in Illinois and is the inventor of many sharpening machines and sharpening accessories.