Q. What is a Corru-Gator

A: The Corru-Gator is designed to create a perfect corrugation on one or both blades of a shear.

Q. What is Corrugation?

A: Corrugation is an industry term describing a series of teeth cut into one or both blades of a shear.

Q. What is the purpose of this Corrugation?

A: The the Corrugation helps hold the medium in place as it is cut.  Many Hard-to-Cut Materials like Kevlar®, Fiberglass, Dyneema®,Spectra® and other Aramid Fire Resistant Materials tend to slide out of the shear when cut.  A good Corrugation will keep this from happening.

Q. Is the Corru-Gator hard to use?

A: Not at all!  Wolff has fitted the Corru-Gator with the same patented Clamp and Arm System they’ve used on their Twice as Sharp® for more than 25 years.  Simply insert the shear into the Clamp, lightly hold the shear against the Corrugating Wheel, and the Corru-Gator will cut the teeth for you.

Q. How can a wheel cut the teeth for me?

A: The Corru-Gator comes fitted with a Spiral Cut Diamond Cutting Wheel.  The spiral is designed to draw the shear across the Diamond Wheel.  The Clamp and Arm Assembly holds the angle for you.  All you have to do is apply light/consistent pressure and the machine will do the rest.

Q. Is the Corru-Gator the only machine I’ll need?

A: No, the Corru-Gator works in conjunction with the Twice as Sharp®.  Corrugating is just part of the sharpening process.  The Twice as Sharp® does the sharpening, the Corru-Gator cut s the teeth.

Q. What else can you tell me about the Corru-Gator?

A: The Corru-Gator comes with a 1 Amp, 1700 RPM motor that is fitted with a cogged belt and step down gear to drop the speed to 377 RPM.  The perfect speed for corrugating!  It is equipped with a cooling fan and all the necessary safety devices.  It also comes with an instruction manual and train video.

Q. What if I have a question about the Corru-Gator?

A: Wolff Industries is dedicated to providing any help you may need when using our products!  Simply call us at 1-800-888-3832 and a live operator will be standing by.

Q. Will the video and manual be enough?

A: Absolutely, but training is available through Wolff Industries if you’d like to learn more.  Please call and we’ll give you all the details.